Leadership in Union – Constituent Body Leaders Programme


Mar 2017

After a very successful first year of the Leadership in Union programme, the RFU are delighted to invite CB’s to consider their nominations and applications for the 2017/18 Leadership in Union programme. Leadership in Union is a custom made leadership programme designed in consultation with CB’s and delivered by Ashridge Executive Education to support the development of future Constituent Body leaders.

Ashridge is consistently ranked among the best business schools in the world and has created a custom made Leadership Programme to enable our Constituent Body leaders to excel. The programme will offer candidates a fantastic opportunity to learn, reflect and develop for the benefit of rugby.

Who is the programme aimed at? Candidates will primarily be either aspiring CB officers who have been identified to move into senior leadership roles within their CB or club officers with a desire to be a future leader of the CB.
Very positive feedback was received from CBs following the CB Leaders Conference that the theme of succession planning had clearly resonated among CB colleagues. It is therefore essential that CBs recognise the importance of active and meaningful succession planning and how it feeds this programme.

Effective leadership requires a diverse range of competencies, views, skills and experience. Rugby clubs, CBs and the RFU will all benefit from a greater diversity of views and by being more representative of society at large. Therefore, it is advisable to be proactive in promoting diversity in our succession planning. By identifying talented and diverse volunteers who have the potential to fill senior roles, the CB will benefit from access to different thinking and perspectives in decision-making.

Up to 37 places are available this year. Further details about the programme can be found in the attachments below.

LiU invite 1718 (FINAL)

Leadership in Union Flyer March 17

Candidate Leadership in Union Checklist NOS March 2017