Playing Adult Rugby Form

Playing a player out of age grade must be in the players best interests. For more information see the AGR Code of Practice on this page.

In the season 2019/20 there have been further changes to the rulings around playing up or down age grades, notably in playing up to Senior Rugby at the age of 17. Clubs and parents must understand the guidance around this and if any questions arise please seek guidance from the CB.

Playing Adult Rugby Player Approval Form

Playing Adult Rugby Club Approval Form

Club Guide




Out Of Age Grade - Form

Please complete this form and submit to the AGR Chair. Please refer to Code of Practice for Guidlines

Playing Out of Age Grade Form



Pre Session Checklist

Health and Safety Form to be completed prior to every session


LRU Pre Session – match


RFU Volunteer Form

RFU Volunteer form

RFU Volunteer Form EditableV4_English 21 jul 17 (3)

Combining Age Grades

22.9.5 The provisions within RFU Regulation 15 pertaining to age banding remain unchanged save that from 1st August 2021 combining of male age grades is extended to be permitted from Under 14s to Under 19s in accordance with the provisions of RFU Regulation 15.2.

Combining Age Groups

  • Playing Adult Rugby Form

  • Out Of Age Grade - Form

  • Pre Session Checklist

  • RFU Volunteer Form

  • Combining Age Grades