Playing out of Age Form and Guidance

Playing a player out of age grade must be in the players best interests. For more information see the AGR Code of Practice on this page.

In the season 2018/19 there have been further changes to the rulings around playing up or down age grades. Clubs and parents must understand the guidance around this and if any questions arise please seek guidance from the CB.

Playing out of Age Grade Form 2018/19

Code of Practice 2018/19

Reg 15



Playing Adult Rugby Form

The correct form for an AG Player to play senior rugby is on the below link


AGR Code of Practice

Please use this guidance when submitting an out of age grade form.


Pre Session Checklist

Health and Safety Form to be completed prior to every session


LRU Pre Session – match H S Check sheet 01 Sep 17 copy


RFU Volunteer Form

RFU Volunteer form

RFU Volunteer Form EditableV4_English 21 jul 17 (3)

  • Playing out of Age Form and Guidance

  • Playing Adult Rugby Form

  • AGR Code of Practice

  • Pre Session Checklist

  • RFU Volunteer Form