Age Grades Moving Up


Jul 2021

As clubs begin to think about next season, one the main questions to be asked is:
What age grade rules will we play to in the 2021-22 season? Are players held back an age group?

We need to ensure players do not miss vital building blocks for a safe and manageable introduction to the full contact game. The shift to the next set of age group rules is delayed until 1 January 2022. (E.g. U10s in 2021-22 will play U9 rules before January and U10 rules thereafter. This will also be the case throughout the boys-only age groups at U12 onwards. Please note, all players still do move up an age group for the 2021-22 season as in any other year. The rules are the difference, not their age group.
Girls in U13, U15 and U18 multi-age bands will move as usual to that band and play those rules through 2021-22. We are providing specific training/playing guidance for coaches working in these age group bands. The first element of this is available within the Summer Activity Framework on the Return to Rugby page

This will also give you all the details you need for all age groups so worth a read –