New international ticketing arrangements


Sep 2017

I have received approaches from several county clubs already this season sharing their concerns and their experiences around the new processes for applying for club’s international ticket allocations. Issues raised with me include:

  • Change of application process to online only and notified, at short notice, by email
  • Necessity to apply and pay up front in the off-season when clubs are customarily cash-poor
  • Date changes for online access to autumn international tickets
  • Less car parking tickets
  • Club allowances changed or halved
  • Loss of opportunity to pass on tickets to club sponsors
  • Increase in ticket prices for the better tickets
  • Changes in allocation basis for clubs
  • Not all ticket price ranges available to clubs
  • Next year the system becomes based on games played by each club both senior and junior
  • More work being loaded on the volunteers

I intend to take up these issues with the ticketing committee and would welcome emails from clubs detailing their views. Please email me [email protected]

Peter Howard