RFU Leadership Academy – LRU Programme 2018/19


Jun 2018

The lifeblood and future of our game centres around our volunteers and the quality of work they perform. The RFU provides a very worthwhile platform in its Leadership Academy  to recruit the future club or CB leaders and volunteers and give them a programme to develop their skills and competency in the roles they undertake.

The course will begin in October 2018 and we invite clubs to nominate candidates who they think would benefit from this involvement. The LRU will endeavour this season to focus candidates to look intensively at club governance and the processes involved in running a club and CB. We are looking to have diversity in our candidates this season and have limited the numbers so that we can manage effectively the time needed to support the successful nominees. A personal development plan for each candidate will be implemented so they can focus on their short and medium term training needs and on what they aspire to achieve in their rugby lives.

A full team of mentors has been appointed to visit and meet a number of clubs each to ensure we communicate the value of the course and discuss with the candidates the commitment needed. I attach the mentors details and the clubs they are going to be responsible for. This is the first time we have a comprehensive team of Mentors who have a variety of different skills and they will ensure the candidates get thorough backing from the LRU.

The course will cost candidates £100 inc Vat and this year the LRU will refund 50% on successful completion.  Please send your nominations to the appointed mentor for your club who will be in contact very shortly.If you have any issues or questions please contact me. We look forward to a very successful campaign and helping clubs in their succession planning which is  a vital part of the rugby management  process.


Steve Rice

LRU Leadership Academy Leader

Email [email protected]

Mobile 07713478139


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